Portlight Technologies

Let us help you to the next step in your journey to success!

        Portlight Technologies believes that Education is at the center of almost every successful adventure. Whether that is obtained through higher educational facilities (Colleges and Universities), small focus groups of like-minded individuals (mastermind classes, boot camps, team building retreats), or the school of hard-knocks (try and try again- all the while faking it until you make it – and often it works!) – It is ALL important. Every opportunity that you can take to help guide you in your newest adventure is an investment in your dream.

  • Portlight Technologies works to make sure that the opportunities you have with us, will help you obtain the success you dream of.

  • Portlight Technologies utilizes many schools of thought and as well as eclectic techniques.

  • Portlight Technologies thinks outside of the box - thank goodness! - and we try to tailor your adventures with us to best meet your needs and learning styles.

  • Portlight Technologies provides the labs you need to practice - all while building up your own online presence.

Are you a Solopreneur or A Entrepreneur

solopreneur tends to spend hours working hard to build his business, while an entrepreneur frequently prefers to be out making connections and getting the word out about his or her business. An entrepreneur may be perfectly happy doing that and that alone, leaving his team behind to do the work.
Solopreneurs can be great networkers, as well. One major difference is that an entrepreneur may be more comfortable spending all day at a variety of networking opportunities and client meetings, while a solopreneur is content simply doing the work.
Finding balance when running a business is often difficult. Outsourcing Tasks is not only an innovative way to accomplish all the task needed to maintain a successful business, but outsourcing is also financially prudent.

Here’s a short list of commonly outsourced tasks that we can assist with!

  • Full-Service Online Business Management (OBM)

  • Accountability Assistance

  • Virtual Assistance services

  • Customized Training Sessions

  • Development Assistance

  • Website maintenance 

  • Email newsletter management

  • Social media campaigning (general, or network specific)

  • Marketing and SEO Development