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How to show only results submitted by the current user

If you want to only show entries created by the current, logged-in user, you can do that using the GravityView Advanced Filter Extension.

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1. Find the Filter & Sort tab in the Settings panel inside the View editor#

It's below the layout tabs.

Screenshot of the Settings panel inside the View editor

2. Click the Add Condition button#

Screenshot of the Advanced Filter section inside the Settings panel3. In the Advanced Filter row, select "Created By"#

Click on the "Any form field" dropdown and choose the option titled "Created By". By default, the option is to limit only to entries created by the Currently Logged-in User.

Screenshot of filter 'Created By' 'is' 'Currently Logged-in User'

You can exclude Administrators from being filtered.#

If you want Administrators to be able to see all entries, that's possible too! Just select the next option: "Currently Logged-in User (disabled for Admins)".

Dropdown of options for 'Created By' filter, with 'Currently Logged-in User (disabled for Admins)' selected.

Don't forget to save the View!#

For the filters to take effect, you will need to save the View. At the top of the screen in the "Publish" box, click the "Update" button:

Screenshot of the Publish metabox inside the View editor

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