Session 5 Client Action Guide

About Sabotage...

Sabotage can come from two directions: the behavior of my friends, co-workers, colleagues , and family, or my own inner rebellion. Others watching me make changes in my life may make comments, or they may rebel against me. I may notice that some people close to me feel threatened when I embark on this kind of journey and they will tempt me with food and activities I'm trying to move away from. 

Sometimes I may feel guilt that they feel threatened and sabotage myself to be accepted. It's NOT my fault that they feel bad. 

These reactions boil down to fear. 

Fear of not being loved.

Others, without the courage to take such a bold step may unconsciously hope I fail. My success would be uncomfortably challenging. When I take a step toward valuing myself more, my relationships are forced to shift. My own rebellion is often based on my own fear of change, of taking responsibilities for my life.

What if I no longer could hide behind excuses for not becoming anything I want to become? For not allowing myself to really be who I truly am?

I will make this training work for me by taking responsibility for myself and how my life turns out. 

Action Steps for this session are: